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Typical Keloid Removal Procedure

Who is a typical keloid removal patient?

24 year old African American female came to The Keloid Center from Miami Florida to treat keloids on her ears. She was very disturbed by her keloids, stating that they were painful and ugly. She was depressed and self conscious because of her keloids, and was embarrassed by her appearance. She stated that it affected her personal and professional life. She needed keloid removal treatment.
She had them previously removed surgically but they grew back and unfortunately grew even bigger than the original size. The keloids usually grow back in 50 to 70 percent of the cases if not treated with radiation therapy within 24 hours after the surgery. She was extremely unsatisfied with the surgical outcome and wanted to try other options beside surgery. We examined the keloids carefully and determined that she was a great candidate for the CryoDestruction.


The Procedure:

The preparation for the procedure was very easy. The area was cleaned with alcohol and local anesthetic was applied. The patient was very comfortable during the procedure with no pain at all. Liquid nitrogen was applied through a special probe.
Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic fluid that causes rapid freezing on contact with living tissue.
The procedure lasted about fifteen minutes. The keloid gets completely frozen inside and outside.

The Follow Up:

After the procedure the keloids were bandaged and the patient was able to drive home. The first day patient experienced a mild pain described as three out of ten, but the second day the pain considerably subsided. The patient was able to return to work and do her daily activities. After a few days keloids scabbed and shrunk, and the scabs stayed on for approximately six weeks. The scabs typically stay on for about four to eight weeks it depends on the size of the keloids. After the scabs fell off keloids completely resolved. The patient required only 1 treatment. Our patient was extremely happy with the outcome. She thought her keloids would never go away. It has been 2 years after the procedure. Her keloids did not grow back. The skin where the keloids were are slightly discolored compared to surrounding skin but the treated area is completely flat.

Interested in the quick and easy procedure to remove your keloids?

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