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Do home remedies for keloid scars work?

Home Remedies for Keloid Scars

Home Remedies for Keloids, Fact or Fiction?

Keloids are scars that become enlarged due to an abnormal growth of scar tissue. The scar develops beyond the border of an injury and many patients try home remedies first before coming to see a dermatologist. Most keloid scars continue to grow for weeks to months or even years. Usually they do not resolve spontaneously, and tend to recur after surgical excision if serious precaution measures are not observed. The scars have an irregular shape, can be pink, or brown in color, with smooth, hard appearance. Any injury such as bites, cuts, acne, surgeries, burns and piercings can create keloids. Some ethnic groups are genetically more predisposed to have excessive scar tissue. Keloids are more common in Asians, and African American individuals. The most common age group to develop keloids is 10-30 years old. Sometimes keloids can become painful and itchy and sensitive to the touch. Many people suffer emotionally from having those unsightly scars. Keloid scars can lower confidence, and can cause social isolation.
There are a few treatments available to treat or minimize the appearance of the scars.

There are several home remedies such as:

    apple cider vinegar
    baking soda
    lemon juice
    lavender oil


Those might work on minor injuries but those treatments unfortunately don’t work well for large keloids, or mature keloid scars. Home remedies might slightly reduce the size and pigmentation of the scars if they are applied right after getting a wound, burn, or piercing. If keloids don’t improve with home remedies and continue to grow or itch talk to your doctor about other medical options.

Large keloid scars most likely would require more aggressive treatment. The newest revolutionary cryodestruction technology offers a successful way of treating scars, with 97% success rate. With other keloid removal procedure unfortunately there is a high chance of keloid regrowth. With cryodestruction the chance of regrowth is less than 3%. The procedure is done under local numbing and is pain free. The keloid is frozen from the inside out with liquid nitrogen. This technique allows very minimal regrowth compared to other treatment options.

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