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How do you stop keloid scars from growing?

Wondering how to stop keloid scars from growing?

Keloid Scars are believed to be caused by a hereditary/genetic predisposition and it may be hard to stop keloid scars from continuing to get bigger. This condition causes scar tissue to overgrow after any trauma to the skin. Keloids are made of collagen. Keloids may be painful and itchy but other than that they rarely cause any other symptoms.

If you notice that your scar start to grow, don’t wait long, and start prevention treatment as soon as possible.

  • You can apply topical agents such as creams or strips that contain silicone. Silicone treatments are effective in reducing the size of keloid in about 34% cases when used continuously for six months.
  • Get an steroid injection in the scar, a common treatment for reducing keloid size, if creams or silicone strips are not effective. The steroids injections may take more than one treatment with two to three weeks intervals between them. Intralesional injections come in various concentrations. In Florida Keloid Center we use the highest concentration available.
  • Apply tretinoin if recommended by your dermatologist. This is a prescription acne medication that has been known to reduce itching and pain caused by a keloid scar. Applying this medication twice daily in combination with steroids has been known to produce better and faster results.
  • Applying prescription medications such as tretinoin or steroid creams. This has been known to reduce itching and pain caused by a keloid scar. Applying these medications twice daily has been known to produce better and faster results.

If you are considering to pierce your ears and you are prone to develop keloids scars consider wearing compression earrings for a few months.

In cases where injections, creams, silicone pads and other therapies yield no results you may seek other treatments. Keloids on the ears can be treated with Cryodestruction. This is a unique technique which allows to freeze keloids from inside out. Not all keloids are suitable for Cryodestruction. Most other keloids can be treated with surgery followed by radiation. Radiation helps prevent regrowth of the scars. Both options give permanent results with over 94% success rate. Always seek qualified health care professional with extensive knowledge, training and experience who is specializing in keloids.

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